Workshop on the Art of Poetry “New Russian Poetry in the 21st Century”

International Scientific XXII Conference Slavic Readings

May 18-19, 2017

On May 18, 2017 within the framework of the international scientific conference “Slavic Readings XII” there will be organized the event that can be called really unique nowadays – the workshop on the art of poetry “New Russian Poetry in the 21st Century”.

The event is unique because it hosts experimental poets from the two states – Latvia and Russia, and Russian and Latvian scientists who study poetry and write poetry themselves. Participation of the well-known poets from Moscow, poets from Riga poetic project “Orbita”, and one of the leading Russian specialists in the area of versification theory Yuri Orlitski is going to make the workshop incredibly interesting.

The workshop will end with the poetry evening that will take place at Daugavpils University.


  • andrej-rodionov

    Andrei Rodionov (Moscow, Russia)

    One of the most well-known modern Russian poets whose manner of reciting his texts is eccentric and impressive. The winner of the tournament “Russian Slam” (2002), later the host of poetic slam-contests at Moscow clubs “Bilingva” and “Zhest”. The shortlist of the Andrei Bely Prize (2005). The Youth Prize “Triumph” laureate (2006). The Grigoriev Poetic Prize laureate (2013). From 2002 till 2005 a member of the Association of Masters of the Arts “OsumBez”. Together with his wife Yekaterina Troepolskaya organized the video poetry festival “5 noga”.

  • ekaterina-troepoljskaja

    Yekaterina Troepolskaya (Moscow, Russia)

    A journalist and film reviewer. An ex- chief editor of the weekly magazine “Cine Fantom”. An organizer of literature events, such as the festival “SlovoNovo”, “Zazubrina”, and poetic slams. A mentor at the festival of video poetry “5 noga”. A scriptwriter of political plays for Politeatr.

  • vsevolod-emelin

    Vsevolod Yemelin (Moscow, Russia)

    First publications in “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” in the section “Kulisa i Scena”, later publications at the web magazine “Topos”. From 2002 until 2005 was a member of the Association of Masters of Arts “OsumBez”,organized by Miroslav Nemirov, alongside other poets:Vladimir Bogomyakov, Yudik Sherman, Yulia Belomlinskaya, Andrei Rodionov, Yevgeni Lesin, Aleksander Kurbatov, German Lukomnikov, etc. An author of 6 collections of poetry. In 2010 V.Yemelin was awarded the Grigoriev Poetic Prize.

  • amarsana-ulzituev

    Amarsana Ulzytuev (Ulan-Ude, Russia)

    An author of 5 collections of poetry. An author of publications in the magazines “Novyi Mir”, “Arion”, “Unost”, “Druzba Narodov”, “Zurnal Poetov”, “Homo Legens”, “Baikal”, “Literaturnya Rossiya”, “Rubez”, etc. His poems have been translated into the Azerbaijan, English, Buryat, Latvian, Mongolian, Ukrainian languages and published in the USA, UK, Latvia, Ukraine, and Mongolia. In 2009 he established a theoretical foundation for a new model of Russian versification and started to apply it. A member of the Union of Russian Writers, a member of the Russian PEN-Centre.

  • evgenij-lesin

    Yevgeni Lesin (Moscow, Russia):

    An editor- in- chief of the literary supplement to “Nezavisimya Gazeta” “НГ Ex libris”. A member of the Union of Moscow Writers, the Union of Moscow Journalists, the Russian PEN-Centre. The laureate of the Prize “Nonconformism-2010», the Prize of the almanac “Koltso A”: “For Sensible Views on Literature”, the prizes of the magazine “Deti Ra” for 2013 and the daily magazine “Poetograd” for 2014. Published 7 books.

Poetic Project “Orbita” (Riga, Latvia)

A multimedia bilingual poetic project “Orbita” was founded in Riga in 1999.

“Orbita” took part in numerous poetic and art festivals in Europe, Russia and the USA. It is well known with its art-installations and video poetic projects. Poems written by the members of the project have been published in translations into many languages, and the collection in the English language was included into the chart published by Ugly Duckling Press in 2015.

The project organizers – Sergey Timofeyev, Artur Punte, Semyon Khanin, Vladimir Svetlov and others.

  • sergej-timofeev

    Sergey Timofeyev

    Sergey Timofeyev is an author of 7 collections of poetry. He was one of the first artists who started to develop the genre of poetic video in the post-soviet environment. In 2003 he was the shortlist of the Andrei Bely Prize. Together with other participants of the project “Orbita” was awarded the Latvia Poetic Prize for their audio-video collection “Orbita 4” in 2005.

  • artur-punte

    Artur Punte

    Artur Punte is an author and co-author of a few conceptual projects, audio and video poetic works, one of the organizers of the poetic video festivals “Word in Motion” (2001, 2003, 2007).
    He published his texts in all “Orbita” collective editions, as well as in magazines in Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Moscow, Kemerovo, Slovakia, Italy, etc.

  • semen-hanin

    Semyon Khanin

    Semyon Khanin is an author of three poetic collections, he also works in the area of three-dimensional poetry and performance. He translated into Russian poems by Latvian authors and published them in Russian and Latvian editions. In 2011 he compiled the anthology “Latvian/Russian Poetry” that included poems by German and Latvian authors written in the Russian language in 1640—2010.

  • svetlov

    Vladimir Svetlov

    Vladimir Svetlov is a photographer, poet, and performer. As a photo editor and one of the authors, he participated in the publication of the first and then following issues of the almanac “Orbita”. As Artur Punte’s co-author created a few conceptual projects. In 2001and 2003 participated in the poetic video festival “Word in motion” as one of the organizers and authors. In the poetry he pays special attention to the sound of the text. His first book of poems and photographs was published in 2014.