Сommunication tutors

Conversation practice with native Russian communication tutors helps our international students develop confidence in using the language and improve their communication skills. Daugavpils University students and Russian language enthusiasts work as communication tutors and provide a very valuable part of students’ experience. Many communication tutors are also English-speaking.

Communication tutors are not professional language teachers. Their primary role is supporting the students’ communication skills development. They can help with some study assignments, e.g. play dialogues, work on pronunciation and vocabulary, correct mistakes when necessary, etc. In a relaxed and friendly dialogue, international students and communication tutors can also discuss any other topics in Russian.

Working with communication tutors, international students acquire less formal language of ordinary people and learn many contemporary social and cultural features. This greatly helps in preparations for oral proficiency tests like OPI. Knowing some locals is fun as well.

Communication tutoring is optional, though many programs for institutional customers include this service as a standard component.

Communication tutoring sessions are 45 minutes long and usually run 1-3 times a week.