Winter program

This intensive short-term program will help boost practical communication skills, extend active vocabulary, refine grammar, and discover Russian and Latvian cultural features and traditions.



Academic program

  • 64 instruction hours / 6 ECTS (3 US) credits in Russian at Daugavpils University.
  • 8 hours of individual conversation practice with native Russian communication tutors.
  • Content lectures on Russian and Baltic culture, traditions, history, and present, all provided in Russian.

Special advantages

  • Full Russian language immersion in Daugavpils, the Russian-language enclave in Latvia.
  • Homestay in vetted and trained Russian-speaking host families, breakfast and dinner included.
  • Extensive cultural program (Russian Orthodox Christmas, Mark Rothko Art Center, Russian steamhouse, cooking, music, and other events).


No entry visa required

Citizens of the USA, European Union, Great Britain, and many other countries need no visa to enter Latvia

Russian language level

Native Russian professors provide Russian language instruction at Intermediate and Advanced levels

Student services

Two-way transfer, in-country orientation, local SIM, welcome kit, as well as 24/7 support provided

Safety and health

Daugavpils is very safe. We provide local insurance and help students deal with healthcare providers.


Daugavpils offers amazing Russian language immersion opportunities.

Daugavpils is a Russian language enclave. It is the second largest city in Latvia and the largest Russian-speaking city in the European Union and NATO.

In Daugavpils, modern standard Russian is the primary language of daily communication.

The city provides an environment and atmosphere that is comparable to Central Russia. Students studying in Daugavpils will develop a better understanding of Russian culture, history, traditions, mindset, and lifestyle.

With the population about 80 thousand, Daugavpils is a very convenient and safe place to live and study. The city enjoys excellent transport infrastructure, beautiful parks, and interesting cultural life.

All this distinguishes Daugavpils from any other Russian study abroad locations currently available.


* tentative

Application deadline

November 21, 2023

Program fee payment

December 9, 2023

Arrival in Latvia

January 3, 2024

The first day of classes

January 4, 2024

The last day of classes

January 19, 2024

Transfer to Riga for departure

January 20, 2024

what people say


Conor studied Russian on our academic year program at Daugavpils University. He thinks Daugavpils is a convenient and interesting town. He appreciates kind and welcoming people in Daugavpils.

Washington, USA

Learn Russian in the EU: Semester Abroad

You will hear from students, studying in different academic semester abroad programs at Daugavpils University. They have come from all over USA.


Wilton, from Alaska, is on his second “Learn Russian in the EU” study abroad program in Daugavpils. Four years ago, he came for six weeks and now he is on a semester-long program. (more…)


  • Is Daugavpils a Russian-speaking city?

    Daugavpils is a Russian-speaking city. More, it is the largest Russian-speaking city in the European Union and NATO.

    At least 80% of people speak Russian as their first or bilingual language. More than 95% of people speak Russian fluently.

    In Daugavpils, Russian is the primary language of everyday communication.

  • Do you provide credit transfer?

    Yes. Daugavpils University awards European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits, the standard for most European countries. ECTS credits are widely accepted by institutions around the world.

    All international students enrolled in Russian-language study abroad programs at DU, regardless their academic level and picked DU courses, are administered through the ‘Eastern European Culture and Business Relations” study program. This originates in DU internal process management. Therefore, all courses listed in the transcripts, issued by DU to students at Russian-language study abroad programs, include a reference to the “Eastern European Culture and Business Relations’ program.

    Course codes at DU are assigned without any relation to the semester or year of study.

    Please find official information on the Latvian grading system here.

  • Who is eligible for undergraduate study abroad programs?

    Anyone over the age of 18 who is studying at a university may apply to an AY/Semester study abroad program with Learn Russian in the EU.

    We highly recommend considering study abroad after reaching some strong foundation in the Russian language, e.g. Novice High ACTFL proficiency level or A1.1-A2 on the European CEFR scale.

  • Are the courses taught in Russian?

    Russian is the primary language of instruction. All language, literature, and courses are taught in Russian.

    Courses in history, political science, and area studies will be also taught in Russian. Professors will adjust the language to help students follow the explanations. English presentations and materials may be used.

    Natural Sciences/STEM instructors are English- and Russian-speaking Daugavpils University professors. The language of instruction varies from English-only to English/Russian mix and up to Russian-only, depending on the instructor and the course.

  • How the classes are organized?

    Learn Russian in the EU forms study groups exclusively from international students. Thus, your classmates will be of a similar background and with similar training objectives.

    Elective courses may be delivered in groups or in one-on-one setting. These courses are usually taught in Russian, though teachers can add English explanations when required. Many professors speak English.

  • Do you provide host family accommodation?

    Yes. Staying with Russian-speaking host families is the most popular lodging option among our students.

    We have implemented a system of selecting, vetting, instructing, and monitoring host families. They are our partners and provide valuable help in acquiring the language, traditions, and culture.

  • How can I secure my place?

    First of all, we need an application submitted through our website. Upon receiving the application, we will e-mail the student an acceptance confirmation letter.

    Then, we will open a personal student account in our IT system and send detailed instructions.
    Please see more in the Preparations timeline.

  • How long is an academic hour?

    Daugavpils University uses 45-minute academic hour. The lessons are usually run in pairs, with a short break in the middle.

Entry requirements
and documents

Citizens of the USA, European Union, Great Britain, and many other countries need no visa to enter Latvia

Passport scan

Daugavpils University application

Current enrollment verification (a letter from the home university confirming good academic standing and at least three full semesters of university Russian)

Host family placement form

Health Declaration


Download the Preparations timeline PDF


1 €
1580 €
Excursions, cultural program
135 €
Lodging in a Russian host family
600 €
Registration, transfers, insurance
220 €
2535 €
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