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A unique Russian-language enclave within the European Union: nearly everyone speaks standard modern Russian as their native language; no visa required for citizens of many countries. Daugavpils is the perfect location for study abroad programs in the Russian language and East European Studies. Our students can take advantage of fully customized individual and group Russian-language immersions, semester-abroad academic programs in the Russian language and literature with the credit transfer, internships in academia, research, municipal government, law enforcement and friendly Russian-speaking host families.

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Learn Russian in the EU: Semester Abroad

You will hear from students, studying in different academic semester abroad programs at Daugavpils University. They have come from all over USA.

Rebecca came from Cambridge University, England

Rebecca arrived from Cambridge University, England for an intensive course in Russian to help her prepare for an exam. She enjoyed the city, practicing Russian with her hosts and discovering Latvia.

Yudai from Atsugi, Japan

Yudai arrived from Japan. He appreciated high-quality Russian language teaching as well as a wonderful city and people.

Carey from Maryland, USA

Carey is a doctoral student who studied in Daugavpils on a Boren Fellowship. Here he speaks about his two-semester program and compares his expectations with his experience in Daugavpils.

Christian from Colorado, USA

Christian, from Colorado, loved Daugavpils’ city festivals and concerts, as well as its food and the banya.

Katharine from Pennsylvania, USA

Katharine, from Pennsylvania, fell in love with her host family and welcomed all the advantages of full language immersion.

Samantha from New York, USA

Samantha, from New York, remembers Daugavpils as a pleasant and cozy city where everyone is ready to help both in Russian and in English.

Timothy from North Carolina, USA

Timothy, whose doubts were dispelled very quickly by new friends and an awesome host family, talks about study and leisure possibilities in Daugavpils.

Maxime from Saint-Jérôme, Canada

Maxime, from Canada, says Daugavpils is a really unique, cozy and safe place, where you can not only learn a new language but also find many new friends.

Elena from Ticino, Switzerland

Elena, from Switzerland, was astonished to discover a European city where everybody speaks Russian and where she tried Russian cuisine for the first time.

Paulina from Stara Tura, Slovakia

Pauline, from Stara Tura, Slovakia, maintains that Daugavpils surpassed all her expectations and the program helped her to make friends with students from other countries.

Petra from Bratislava, Slovakia

Petra, from Slovakia, describes how Russian people in Daugavpils differ from those in Moscow, and why Daugavpils is better for learning Russian than other cities.

Liam from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Liam, from Scotland, expresses how comfortable he felt learning Russian in Daugavpils – not only with teachers but also with local students.

Connor from Seattle, Washington, USA

Connor, from Washington, not only enjoyed studying Russian in Daugavpils, but also appreciated the chance to learn about the city’s history and culture.

Jason from Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Jason, a military history enthusiast from United States, explored many fascinating historical sites and was welcomed by a wonderful host family, thanks to whom he significantly improved his Russian.

Josh from Sidney, Australia

Josh, from Sydney, describes Daugavpils as an excellent city for daily Russian practice as well as a unique location where many cultures mix.

Sercan from Istanbul, Turkey

Serchan, from Istanbul, talks about the teachers who made him fall in love with Russian and the open, welcoming people of Daugavpils.

Jesse from Sacramento, California, USA

Jesse, from California, is thankful for the opportunity he had to meet people from all around the world in Daugavpils and for the chance to visit unique places that are always worth a visit.

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