Registering for a Russian language individual online course


The registration for a Russian language individual online course includes several steps:

  1. First of all, please submit the course application form:
  1. Please complete the Russian language placement test, if you are not an absolute beginner.
  2. Please make the initial purchase at Costs for Online Russian Courses.
  3. Upon receiving the application form and the placement test, we will set up your student account and send you the login details.
  4. You will use the student account at to see the date/time of the trial session, lesson schedule, and Zoom links for connecting with the teacher.
  5. On the date/time of your trial session, please connect with the teacher in Zoom. During this session, you and the teacher will clarify your current language level, discuss and finalize your course content, and test out all aspects of online language learning with us before we get on with the program.
  6. If you are satisfied with the free trial session and decide to start the course, please follow the schedule. Otherwise, please notify us by e-mail about your cancellation of the course and request a refund.