How To Get to Latvia

How To Get to Latvia

If you decided to visit Latvia as a tourist or as a  student who would like to learn Russian, you’ll definitely have to find out how to get to Latvia. The easiest way – by plane, of course.  Now we are going to explain why.

Travelling to Latvia by plane is rather convenient. Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltics and it is possible to arrive there from 60 destinations. Moreover, it is easy to get from the airport to the main places of interest in the Latvian capital.

What is extremely important to travelers, Riga International Airport cooperates with the so-called lowcosters. Flights with these kind of airline companies are available from many large European cities and they allow saving a considerable sum of money. If you book tickets in advance, you can pay as much as 20 €. The average flight price usually does not exceed 80 €.

By the way, to get to Latvia by plane is sometimes cheaper than by train, and much faster as well.  Have a look at the approximate flight duration from some European cities:

  • Berlin – 1 hr 45 min
  • Brussels – 2 hrs 35min
  • Dublin – 3 hrs 20 min
  • London – 2 hrs 35 min
  • Milan – 2 hrs 45min

In order to save some money on the flight, fly with  Wizz Air и Ryanair.

Flying from America

Flying from America

Flights from the USA to Europe is an issue for lots of travelers. In general, it is quite problematic to get from America to Europe, or, at least, it is very long. The flight can take as long as 17 hours depending what city you are traveling from:

  • New York – 10 hrs
  • Chicago – 14-16 hrs

However, most travelers are not afraid of duration of the flight but of its cost. Unfortunately, low-cost airlines do not fly from America, so prices might seem high for many travelers.  Nevertheless, if you plan your trip in advance, it might cost you about 400-600 €.For example, recently the airline Finnair offered the flights Chicago-Riga for 300-400 €.

In general, as it is often said in Russia – when there’s a will, there’s a way. You should consider all details of such far away trip long before the trip, first, about getting the flying tickets. You can read in the article about Latvia’s climate about what else you should take with you when you travel to Latvia