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Individual Russian as a Foreign Language

Our individual one-on-one course can include grammar, comprehension, reading, speaking, vocabulary development, and other skills traditional to Russian as a foreign language.

This course works best for students at Russian proficiency levels up to ACTFL Advanced Mid / CEFR B2.




  • This one-on-one course helps students improve general skills in reading, listening, speaking, and grammar at target Russian proficiency levels up to ACTFL Advanced Mid/ CEFR B2.
  • Students can focus on developing practical communication skills, refining the grammar, preparing for an upcoming university exam or particular test like DLPT, OPI, or TRKI (TORFL).

Full customization

Each student can maximize training outcomes by customizing major course parameters:

  • the proficiency level,
  • start and end dates,
  • number of lessons,
  • areas in grammar or communication topics to be covered.

Host family and immersion

Living with a Russian-speaking host family and full language and cultural immersion in Daugavpils will help students make a rapid progress.

Recommended intensity

  • For students at lower proficiency levels, we recommend taking up to 4 individual lessons daily.
  • Students at higher levels may take up to 6 individual lessons per day.

Cost individual Russian as a foreign language

Absolute beginner

5 lessons *

110 €
45-minute lessons with native teachers
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10 lessons *

200 €
45-minute lessons with native teachers
Save 20 €
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Levels A1-B2

1 lesson

20 €
45-minute lessons with native teachers
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5 lessons *

95 €
45-minute lessons with native teachers
Save 5 €
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10 lessons *

180 €
45-minute lessons with native teachers
Save 20 €
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25 lessons *

375 €
45-minute lessons with native teachers
Save 125 €
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No entry visa required

Citizens of the USA, European Union, Great Britain, and many other countries need no visa to enter Latvia.


Students work with experienced native Russian instructors. We can also ensure the instructors are fluent in English.

Conversation practice

Including conversation practice with native Russian communication tutors is highly recommended.

Safety and health

Daugavpils is very safe. We provide local insurance and help students deal with healthcare providers.


This type of a program does not include any non-language modules (e.g. literature, history, political science, etc.) or awarding Daugavpils University academic credits. In case you are seeking a program including such features, please consider our Individually Tailored Russian Language Pogram or Academic Year/Semester Study Abroad Program.

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Student Testimonials

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Carey is a doctoral student who studied in Daugavpils on a Boren Fellowship. Here he speaks about his two-semester program and compares his expectations with his experience in Daugavpils.

Maryland / USA


Pauline, from Stara Tura, Slovakia, maintains that Daugavpils surpassed all her expectations and the program helped her to make friends with students from other countries.

Stara Tura / Slovakia


Rebecca arrived from Cambridge University, England for an intensive course in Russian to help her prepare for an exam. She enjoyed the city, practicing Russian with her hosts and discovering Latvia.

Cambridge University / England


Yudai arrived from Japan. He appreciated high-quality Russian language teaching as well as a wonderful city and people.


Maxime, from Canada, says Daugavpils is a really unique, cozy and safe place, where you can not only learn a new language but also find many new friends.

Saint-Jérôme / Canada


Elena, from Switzerland, was astonished to discover a European city where everybody speaks Russian and where she tried Russian cuisine for the first time.

Ticino / Switzerland


Josh, from Sydney, describes Daugavpils as an excellent city for daily Russian practice as well as a unique location where many cultures mix.

Frequently Asked

  • Is Daugavpils a Russian-speaking city?

    Daugavpils is a Russian-speaking city. More, it is the largest Russian-speaking city in the European Union and NATO.

    At least 80% of people speak Russian as their first or bilingual language. More than 95% of people speak Russian fluently.

    In Daugavpils, Russian is the primary language of everyday communication.

  • Do you provide credit transfer?

    Yes. Daugavpils University awards European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits, the standard for most European countries. ECTS credits are widely accepted by institutions around the world.

    All international students enrolled in Russian-language study abroad programs at DU, regardless their academic level and picked DU courses, are administered through the ‘Eastern European Culture and Business Relations” study program. This originates in DU internal process management. Therefore, all courses listed in the transcripts, issued by DU to students at Russian-language study abroad programs, include a reference to the “Eastern European Culture and Business Relations’ program.

    Course codes at DU are assigned without any relation to the semester or year of study.

    Please find official information on the Latvian grading system here.

  • Who is eligible for undergraduate study abroad programs?

    Anyone over the age of 18 who is studying at a university may apply to an AY/Semester study abroad program with Learn Russian in the EU.

    We highly recommend considering study abroad after reaching some strong foundation in the Russian language, e.g. Novice High ACTFL proficiency level or A1.1-A2 on the European CEFR scale.

  • Are the courses taught in Russian?

    Russian is the primary language of instruction. All language, literature, and courses are taught in Russian.

    Courses in history, political science, and area studies will be also taught in Russian. Professors will adjust the language to help students follow the explanations. English presentations and materials may be used.

    Natural Sciences/STEM instructors are English- and Russian-speaking Daugavpils University professors. The language of instruction varies from English-only to English/Russian mix and up to Russian-only, depending on the instructor and the course.

  • How the classes are organized?

    Learn Russian in the EU forms study groups exclusively from international students. Thus, your classmates will be of a similar background and with similar training objectives.

    Elective courses may be delivered in groups or in one-on-one setting. These courses are usually taught in Russian, though teachers can add English explanations when required. Many professors speak English.

  • Do you provide host family accommodation?

    Yes. Staying with Russian-speaking host families is the most popular lodging option among our students.

    We have implemented a system of selecting, vetting, instructing, and monitoring host families. They are our partners and provide valuable help in acquiring the language, traditions, and culture.

  • How can I secure my place?

    First of all, we need an application submitted through our website. Upon receiving the application, we will e-mail the student an acceptance confirmation letter.

    Then, we will open a personal student account in our IT system and send detailed instructions.
    Please see more in the Preparations timeline.

  • How long is an academic hour?

    Daugavpils University uses 45-minute academic hour. The lessons are usually run in pairs, with a short break in the middle.

  • What is the academic calendar?

    Learn Russian in the EU Fall Semester study abroad programs hosted at Daugavpils University usually begin on September 1st and run for 16 weeks.

    Spring semester study abroad programs usually begin on February 1 and run for 16 weeks.

    There are no official breaks during a semester.

  • Are university courses available in the program?

    Yes. All undergraduate courses available through Learn Russian in the EU study abroad programs, are provided by Daugavpils University (DU). This guarantees their European and worldwide recognition. DU is a member of European University Association (EUA). DU diplomas are certified by the European Commission.

    Daugavpils University, established in 1921, is the foremost academic and research institution in Eastern Latvia. Its Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics has a long tradition of research and instruction in the Russian language and literature. The department offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Russian philology, pedagogy, and intercultural communication.

  • Native Russian conversation tutors

    Native Russian conversation tutors are not teachers and, as a rule, their service is a part of a teacher-led language course. Conversation tutors specialize in running communication sessions on the teacher assigned topic or scenario, and can correct the student or give a hint, when required.

  • Cancellations

    In case after the first trial session a student decides to drop the course, we refund the initial payment.

    If a student misses a scheduled class, we make no refunds.

    If a student needs to interrupt the course, the request should be e-mailed to us in advance any lesson is missed. We can negotiate the dates for continuing the remaining part of the course, but make no refunds.

Standard Cost Components

Learn Russian in the EU uses the following standard costs in all Russian language programs:
Registration fee (non-refundable)
€ 60
Russian-speaking host family with breakfast and dinner (“half board”), per week
€ 240
Optional services:
Pick-up at the airport (Riga or Vilnius) and transfer to Daugavpils, one way
€ 140
Local insurance, per day
up to € 1.50
Individual Russian as a Foreign Language
Russian as a Foreign Language, levels A1-B2, first 40 academic hours, per ac. hour
€ 30
Russian as a Foreign Language, levels A1-B2, the 41th academic hour and further, per ac. hour
€ 25
Peer communication tutoring, per academic hour
€ 12
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