Best iOS-apps for learning Russian – the choice by Learn Russian in the EU

Best iOS-apps for learning Russian – the choice by Learn Russian in the EU

When you learn a foreign language you need to do a lot of practical exercises; the more exercises you do the more confident you will feel in a real-life communication. Today we are going to share with you the best iOS-apps for learning Russian. These apps might be helpful if you decide to learn Russian independently or if you would like to practise the things you already know.

Why to use mobile applications

You can use mobile apps as you go. There is nothing more convenient than to have everything you need to learn a language on your mobile phone or tablet.  You will be able to learn a language even when you are travelling to work or school.

There are solutions for any level of language proficiency. You can find the application that will correspond to the level of your language proficiency. You will be able to enhance the skills you have already had or to make further progress.

Various approaches to language learning. There is a large number of applications, so everyone can find the application that suits them. Some people are better at memorizing visual materials; others find it much easier to learn while listening to new information or while playing.  Anyway, you will find an application that suits you.

Five best applications for learning Russian: recommended by Learn Russian in the EU

Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet

For lots of people the Russian alphabet remains the first and most complicated step to take that prevents them from learning Russian.  This application makes learning the Cyrillic alphabet much easier.


  • Pronunciation of separate letters;
  • For every letter you can read and listen to a word it begins with;
  • An opportunity to learn how to write every letter of the Russian alphabet.

The application Russian Alphabet is an excellent solution to make you first step in learning Russian. With the help of this application you will learn the Russian alphabet: how to write the letters correctly and how to pronounce them.

Russian AlphabetRussian Alphabet

Mondly: Learn Russian FREE

>Mondly: Learn Russian FREE

Mondly is a personal assistant for learning Russian that will help you improve your writing, speaking, reading and listening skills. The application will be helpful for people with the elementary level of Russian proficiency as well as the advanced one, for travelers and business people who need Russian for their work.


  • Only really useful words and phrases which you need for a real-life conversation;
  • Verb conjugations. Would like to enhance your knowledge? Press on any verb and get its forms with the translation;
  • All materials are available in audio version – learn correct and clear Russian pronunciation by native Russian speakers.

The  Mondly users can follow their progress. The application tracks your progress and ranks you against other people around the world.

Mondly: Learn Russian FREE Mondly: Learn Russian FREE

Learn Russian with Babbel

Learn Russian with Babbel

Learn Russian with Babbel offers its users a set of short lessons which help to thoroughly develop language skills. Lessons do not take a long time; therefore you can learn a language on the way to work or school.


  • Is suitable for people with different levels of language proficiency;
  • The lessons are created by professional teachers, native Russian language speakers;
  • Pronunciation training with the help of the voice-recognition technology.

The application is also available for iPad, and it synchronizes your achievements.  Did not have time to complete the lesson on your way? You can resume it at any time using any device from the very place you have stopped it.

Learn Russian with Babbel Learn Russian with Babbel

6000 Words – Learn Russian Language for Free

6000 Words - Learn Russian Language for Free

The name of the application speaks for itself. It is aimed at  vocabulary expansion and has an impressive vocabulary database. The words are divided into groups according to their level of difficulty and topic. There is a picture, transcription and a sound file for every word.


  • An impressive vocabulary database from all fields – from the names of animals to mathematics;
  • Various ways of learning. The interaction is based on mini-games which allow learning the words, their spelling and pronunciation;
  • You do not need Internet access –  6,000 words are always in your pocket.

6000 Words  is an excellent help for those who already know the basics of grammar and would like to expand their vocabulary or enhance the knowledge of some specific words.

6000 Words - Learn Russian Language for Free 6000 Words - Learn Russian Language for Free

SpeakEasy Russian

SpeakEasy Russian

SpeakEasy Russian  is a convenient phrase book with a vast number of phrases. It is targeted at the people who often communicate in Russian or travel to Russian-speaking countries. The phrases are divided into groups, provided with transcription and audio.


  • A convenient search which gives you options as you enter part of a phrase;
  • Slow listening function – if you need you can listen to any phrase in a slow mode;
  • Flash cards for learning – you can test yourself and your knowledge.

SpeakEasy Russian lets you not be at a loss in any situation, it does not matter whether you are going through passport control on the border or do the shopping. You do not need to have the Internet access.

SpeakEasy Russian SpeakEasy Russian

These are by far not all applications available for your smart phones.  But in our opinion they are ones which are the best and they let you learn various aspects of the Russian language. Do you use any applications? If yes, leave the comments!