Dairy Produce in Russian

Dairy Produce in Russian

In our today’s article we’re going to talk about dairy produce in Russian. You’ll know the names of the most popular dairy produce and learn how to say them. We’ll also publish a recipe for milkshake which you can enjoy on a hot day.

Let’s start with a few names for dairy produce in Russian:

Молоко [ma-la-KO] milk

A word молоко is a noun. You may use it in combination with adjectives. For example:

Вкусное молоко [FKOOS-na-ye ma-la-KO] tasty milk
Сгущённое молоко [sgoo-SHO-na-ye ma-la-KO] condensed milk

Молочный (adj.) [ma-LOCH-niy] milk, milky

A word молочный is an adjective and may be used in combination with nouns. For example:

Молочные продукты [ma-LOCH-ni-ye pra-DOOK-ti] dairy (milk) products
Молочный шоколад [ma-LOCH-niy sha-ka-lat] milk chocolate

Dairy Produce in Russian

A few more words:

Кисломолочные продукты [kees-la-ma-LOCH-ni-ye pra-DOOK-ti] fermented milk products

Сливки [SLEEF-kee] cream
Пахта [PAH-ta] buttermilk
Творог [tva-ROK] cottage cheese
Сметана [smee-TA-na] sour cream

Сыр [SIR] cheese
Масло [MAS-la] butter
Маргарин [mar-ga-REEN] margarine

Йогурт [YO-goort] yogurt
Ряжанка [RYA-zhan-ka] fermented milk
Кефир [kye-FEER] kefir

Dairy Produce in Russian

Now, a recipe for milkshake:

Молочный коктейль [ma-LOCH-niy kak-TYEL’] milkshake


  • Ice cream – 100 gr
  • Cold milk – 100 ml
  • Jam or syrup (syrup may be with the taste of coffee, chocolate, vanilla; you can use honey instead of jam) – 3 tblsp


  1. Put jam and cold milk in a bowl and mix well.
  2. Add ice cream.
  3. Mix jam, milk and ice cream in blender for 30 seconds, until you see milk foam.
  4. Serve in a high glass with a straw.
  5. Enjoy yourselves!

Dairy Produce in Russian

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