Interesting places to see in Daugavpils. Part 1

Interesting places to see in Daugavpils

Daugavpils, the second-largest city in Latvia, is located on the both banks of the river Daugava. We’d like to tell you about what interesting places you can see in Daugavpils. In our today’s article, we’ll speak about the most interesting street in Daugavpils – Rigas street.

Rigas street

Rigas street is the liveliest street in Daugavpils. In the 1970s, it was converted into a pedestrian street more than half a kilometer long. During a leisurely walk along the street you can admire the facades of houses, go shopping, and enjoy delicious food in a cafe. There is a large number of places and attractions on this street, which we’ll tell you about in more detail.

The Hotel "Latgola"

The Hotel “Latgola”

The hotel “Latgola” is situated in the very center of Daugavpils. There is a breathtaking view on the city center from the top of the hotel. Every person who visits the hotel experiences warm and cozy atmosphere. It is a place to pleasantly relax or to have business meetings, and to feel welcome and special.

Unity Square

Unity Square is the central square in Daugavpils where all big events take place. The square unites people during most significant festivals and events. It is located opposite the hotel “Park Hotel Latgola”. It is surrounded by Unity House, Dubrovin Park, and shopping centers.

Unity House

Unity House

Unity House is a multifunctional building, the architectural landmark of the early 20th century that is located in the very center of Daugavpils. Unity House was designed by the Latvian architect Verners Vitands. It was the most modern building in Europe. It houses the Daugavpils theatre, the Latvian Society, the public library and other cultural intuitions.

Fire Station No1

Fire Station No 1 is a station and an architectural monument that is located in Daugavpils. In 1845, Daugavpils became the first Latvian city with its own separate municipal fire department that was formed on the basis of the police fire department.

Regional Studies and Art Museum

Regional Studies and Art Museum

The Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in Latgale. The museum was founded in 1938; it is located on Rigas street in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The museum is a cultural and architectural landmark of Jugendstil. It regularly hosts various exhibits and art expositions.

Dubrovin Park

Dubrovin Park is a public park in Daugavpils. The park is named after its founder Pavel Dubrovin who was the city’s mayor in the 19th century. In the park there is a monument – a 2-meter-high bronze statue that was installed in honor of Dubrovin.  There is also a memorial to the officers and generals of the Soviet Army. Dubrovin Park is the most popular place for relax of the city’s dwellers.

Dubrovin Park

Saint Peter’s in Chains Catholic Church

Saint Peter’s in Chains Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic church that is located in the very center of Daugavpils on Rigas street. The church was founded in the 19th century, and now it belongs to Rezekne-Aglona Episcopacy of the Roman Catholic Church of Latvia. The church has been reconstructed several times: in the early 20th century and in 1941 when it was ruined by the bomb attack.

The Turtle Sculpture

The Turtle Sculpture is a local attraction that was made by a sculptor Ivo Folkmanis in honor of a large areal of European marsh turtles in Latvia. The Turtle Sculpture is one of the newest in the city. It was installed during the City Festival on May 22-24 in 2009.

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Rigas street