Learn Russian in Latvia

Learn Russian in Latvia

Russian is one of the most difficult languages in the world. However, there are a lot of people who would like to learn it. If you’d like to learn Russian you don’t need to go to Russia, you can learn Russian in many other European countries. We’d like to invite you to learn Russian in Latvia, gain exciting experience, and making new friends.

Advantages of learning Russian in Latvia:

  • Russian is a mother tongue for the majority of people in Latvia.
  • Latvia has accumulated a vast experience in teaching Russian as a second language.
  • Latvia is an attractive and unique place where you can learn Russian staying on the safe territory of the European Union;
  • Citizens of the USA, Canada, European Union and many other countries don’t need a visa to enter Latvia;
  • An exquisite opportunity to get acquainted with a fascinating history of relations between Russia and the USSR and European countries, in order to better understand modern relations with Russia.
  • An opportunity to visit neighbouring countries – Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, and Poland.
  • Insight into new culture, new people, new experience.

Daugavpils is the most Russian-speaking city in Latvia

Daugavpils is the most Russian-speaking city in Latvia, and the second largest city in the country. In Daugavpils, Russian is the language of the everyday communication, and almost all people in Daugavpils speak fluent Russian. Daugavpils is allegedly the most Russian city in the European Union. Therefore, lots of students choose Daugavpils as it provides the best environment for immersion into the Russian language.

Learn Russian in Latvia

Russian language programs at Daugavpils University

Russian language programs are hosted by Daugavpils University. For many years already, the university has been cooperating with the private training center LatInSoft to implement the program “Learn Russian in the European Union”. The program “Learn Russian in the European Union” offers a number of courses in Russian language, literature, history, culture, political science, and Eastern European studies taught in Russian.

These courses cater for individual needs of our students. Most of the “Learn Russian in the EU” students learn Russian for their professional needs and their career development. Therefore, the individual approach towards students’ needs attracts them immensely.

If you’ve decided to learn Russian in Latvia, Daugavpils will be the best choice. Our highly qualified, experienced, and friendly teachers will make your study easy and efficient. We guarantee that at every class you’ll gain knowledge, experience, joy, and a real interest in learning Russian.

You can meet a few of our teachers on the following links:

Learn Russian in Latvia

How and where to apply for a course?

If you’re planning to learn Russian in Daugavpils within the project “Learn Russian in the EU”, you should apply online at www.learnrussianineu.com. We offer various opportunities for learning Russian, both tailored courses and academic programs Study Abroad for university students, as well as internship and teacher development courses.

Our students can choose whether to stay in a hotel or with a Russian-speaking host family. Our students mainly choose staying with a Russian-speaking host families, where students can take advantage of a friendly atmosphere to practice using Russian in a relaxed and natural way and gain invaluable cultural experience.

End of the course

At the end of the course, students will dramatically improve their knowledge of Russian, make new friends, and gain cultural experience. Students will also receive an official certificate about the completion of the course. Thanks to the project “Learn Russian in the EU”, everyone has an opportunity to learn Russian, get an insight into the Russian culture, staying in the European Union, without wasting their time and money on acquiring a visa.

Learn Russian in Latvia