How to Say Good night in Russian

How to Say  Good night in Russian

There are a few ways to say “Good night” in Russian. Some of them are stylistically neutral and can be used while talking to any person, but others can be used only when talking to your family and close friends. We are going to tell you how to say “Goodbye” to a person before you go to sleep, and which phrases to use.

Спокойной ночи (Spokoynoy nochi) is the most frequently used classical way. It is stylistically neutral and can be used in any situation, regardless of how well you know a person.

There is also a short version of this phrase: «спокойной» . It is popular with young people, and it should be used while talking to friends or family.

Spokoynoy nochi

Хорошей ночи (Horoshey nochi) is the analogue of the English phrase “good night”. This phrase is not so often used, although it is also stylistically neutral and can be applied in any situation. It is interesting that the short version of the phrase differs from its English phrase. In English you can simply say “night”, but in Russian you use the first word from this phrase and say “horoshey”.

Сладких снов (Sladkih snov) and приятных снов (priyatnih snov) – these phrases are used in everyday communication and applied while speaking to family and close friends.

Similar to the previously discusses cases, there are also short versions of these phrases: “sladkih” and “priyatnih” .

Sladkih snov

These four expressions are the most frequently used in the Russian language, and as you can see, they are not difficult to learn. If you have any questions, or if you have come across any other variations, you are welcome to leave a comment!