What the Phrase “не везёт” and the Word “изюмительный” Mean


When foreigners get into a Russian-speaking environment they might hear a great deal of unknown phrases. Therefore, today we are going to speak about the phrase “не везет” and the word “изюмительный” and what they mean.

The phrase “не везет”

The phrase “не везет” means a kind of misfortune or bad luck in somebody’s actions or endeavors.  There are also a few variations of this phrase with different endings: “что такое не везет и как с этим бороться” or “что такое не везет и как с ним бороться”.

The phrase "не везет"

The second variation makes the phrase “не везёт” a kind of animate. We use these phrases when misfortunes happen several times. However, we know hardly anything about the origin of these phrases.

The word “изюмительно”

This word is used when people really like something and they admire it. The word was coined by combining words “изумительный” and “изюм”. A raisin means something interesting and worth attention in Russian.

The word "изюмительно"

For example:

Есть в э́том кака́я-то изю́минка.

[Yest’ v etom kakaya-to iz-yu-min-ka] There is something in it.

There is something interesting in it.

These phrases are widely used in colloquial Russian language, so you can use them when speaking Russian.