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Learn Russian in the EU offers a range of Russian language immersion programs implemented in Daugavpils, Latvia



News and interesting facts

Learn Russian in the EU offers a range of Russian language immersion programs implemented in Daugavpils, Latvia. This includes

  • short-term custom immersion projects for universities and government institutions;
  • semester abroad, summer, and winter programs for undergraduate students, hosted at Daugavpils University;
  • individually tailored Russian language programs run one-on-one.

Learn Russian in the European Union, an experienced Russian-language study abroad provider working in Daugavpils, offers diverse study options for different categories of students. Please learn more at Learn Russian in the EU Study Programs and Individually tailored Russian language program.

Language immersion includes four key factors:

  • Russian language classes run by experienced native instructors, mostly in Russian;
  • conversation practice with native Russian communication tutors;
  • homestays with vetted and trained Russian-speaking host families;
  • spontaneous informal contacts in various contexts with residents of Daugavpils, a city where Russian is spoken as the primary language everyday communication.

In addition to the opportunities provided by the study program, students engage in communicative practices in various situations. They may participate in direct conversations with locals, they may acquire spoken language nuances just listening to local people around them, students’ participation in social and cultural life broadens awareness of the Russian language, etc.

All this helps students rapidly improve fluency, comprehension, expand active vocabulary, and strengthen active grammar.

Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia and the largest Russian-speaking city in the European Union. Daugavpils is a Russian language enclave. Modern standard Russian is the language of daily communication in this city. You may find more about Daugavpils at Daugavpils, Latvia: unique cultural environment for Russian immersions.

Useful information is also available at Russian Host Families, Communication Tutors, and Study in Latvia Visa-Free.