Old Course Catalog

Virtual study abroad program: Selected academic courses in the Russian language and culture

Academic year 2021/2022

Responding to the pandemic challenges and international travel restrictions, “Learn Russian in the EU” designed this customized virtual study abroad offer for students who can’t attend study abroad program in person, but still are eager to increase Russian language skills and cultural understanding.

Students can build their own customized online study abroad program. “Learn Russian in the EU” recommends the total semester coursework ordered through this program should not exceed 28 ECTS (14 US university credits).the selected courses should be specified in the application form.

Students will be enrolled in Daugavpils University.

All courses are taught in Russian synchronously using Zoom. The program will be delivered online by Daugavpils University faculty members from Daugavpils, Latvia.

Recommended: 3rd year of studying Russian:

Valo1254 Normative grammar I:  Lexicology 3 ECTS
Valo1256 Normative grammar II: Phonetics 3 ECTS
Valo2191 Normative grammar III: Word formation 3 ECTS
Valo2060 Conversational Russian and communicative linguistics 6 ECTS
Valo2198 Normative grammar IV: Morphology 3 ECTS
LitZ1060 Introduction to Russian Literature and Culture 3 ECTS
LitZ3055 Modern Russian literature 1.5 ECTS
Filo1067 Cultural and historical phenomenon of Russia in the 19th century 1.5 ECTS
KomZ2001 Cultural and Informational analysis of the modern social paradigm 3 ECTS
Vēst1139 Post-Soviet culture studies 3 ECTS

Recommended: 4th year of studying Russian:

Valo1257 Modern Russian literary language: Lexicology 3 ECTS
Valo1260 Modern Russian literary language: Phonetics 3 ECTS
Valo2205 Modern Russian literary language: Word formation 3 ECTS
Valo3147 Modern Russian literary language: Morphology 3 ECTS
Valo3149 Modern Russian literary language: Syntax 3 ECTS
Valo1263 Russian colloquial speech 3 ECTS
LitZ1070 Introduction to Russian traditional culture and country studies 3 ECTS
KomZ3004 Culture and information communication 3 ECTS
LitZ2056 History of Russian literature and culture: XIX cent. 6 ECTS
LitZ3062 History of Russian literature and culture: XX-XXI cent. 6 ECTS

IMPORTANT: Course codes do not reflect any relation to the semester of study.